Tuxedo III

BY Matt BauerPublished Jul 16, 2019

They won't get props for the most original album titles (Tuxedo III is the followup to 2017's Tuxedo II) but man, can the Tuxedo duo ignite a party. Tuxedo III is more good groove goodness from Detroit blue-eyed soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne and Seattle hip-hop producer Jake One.
Still mining the late '70s / early '80s dance floor sounds of Hubert Eaves, Leon Sylvers III and Chic with bangers like the upscale funk of opener "The Tuxedo Way," and the bubbly "You & Me," the duo still almost uncannily avoid pastiche.
But what's most impressive and surprising is when they slow things down. "Extra Texture" is wine light, quiet storm smooth with a sparkling synth solo courtesy of Dâm-Funk, and "Toast 2 Us," featuring a satin-y vocal turn courtesy of Benny Sings.
The slow jams on the past two Tuxedo albums seemed to rob them a bit of their vitality, but here, they're so finessed they flow like welcome interludes off a packed dance floor. Tuxedo III wraps up with "Close," a duet between Hawthorne and Gavin Turek that channels the effortless drive and analogue synths of mid-'80s Leroy Burgess productions into an irresistible summer boogie jam.
(Funk on Sight)

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