The Translator Italo Disco

The Translator Italo Disco
What is it?
Italo disco developed in the late '70s when producers such as Giorgio Moroder began streamlining funk out of American disco in favour of epic synth-based melodies and drum machines.

Why is it called that?
Because it emerged from Italy before spreading to Europe, then the U.S. as inspiration for early house and techno.

Who's doing it?
Scandinavians like Lindstrom (pictured) and Prins Thomas, as well as Americans like Morgan Geist, Glass Candy, and Chromatics stick most closely to the disco end of the equation, but the Italo quotient has come to represent the soundtrack-influenced synth element of today's dance music.

Where Should I Start?
Metro Area's classic 2002 self-titled debut; the 2007 Italians Do It Better compilation, After Dark; Lindstrøm's 2006 collection, It's a Feedility Affair.

What's next?
Along with the numerous Italo disco crate-digger finds continuously turning up on blogs such as Feel My Bicep, watch for the Italo-inspired sounds of Canadian producer CFCF.

Listen to the Exclaim! Italo Disco playlist at rdio.