Toronto's Sham Family Announce Debut Album 'A Deaf Portrait of Peace,' Share "Community Service"

"'A Deaf Portrait of Peace' is the unwillingness to critically observe the world around us, to ignore society’s ills and ugliness"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Apr 24, 2024

Exclaim! Class of 2023 alumni Sham Family have announced their debut album, produced by Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh — previewed by new single "Community Service."

Featuring recent Staff Picks-featured single "Modern Myth," A Deaf Portrait of Peace arrives in full on July 19 via Wavy Haze Records. The LP's title reflects "the unwillingness to critically observe the world around us, to ignore society's ills and ugliness," according to the Toronto band. "A false utopia skyline, painted over the windows of the downtown condos and the city halls. A promise of a perfect world by those devastating it."

"'Community Service' is a reflection on the paradoxical relationship between passionate city pride and the harsh reality of neglect and injustice," the band added of the single. "From crushing living expenses to systemic failures in leadership and the tragic mishandling of mental health crises, our cities often fail to reciprocate the love spouted by their community when they need it most. Devotion is an unpaid debt, your city doesn't love you back." 

The track balances jangle-pop melodic sensibilities with a frenetic post-punk urgency, with frontman Kory Ross wailing atop swirls of guitar distortion. Listen to "Community Service" below, where you'll also find the album tracklist.

A Deaf Portrait of Peace:

1. The World Is Changing Around You
2. React
3. Dynasty
4. Peroxide Boys
5. A Deaf Portrait of Peace
6. Community Service
7. Out of Tune
8. Modern Myth
9. The World Is Changing Around Me
10. Born Again

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