Thee AHs Announce 'Names' LP

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 4, 2015

Ten people are about to get personalized songs from Vancouver indie-pop combo Thee AHs, because the band have just announced an album in which every song is named after a person.

The record is appropriately titled Names. It's due out on August 21, which is apparently the mean date of the quartet's birthdays. Kingfisher Bluez will handle the vinyl release.

Names was recorded and mixed by Jay Arner, with sessions taking place in singer-guitarist Davina Shell's parents' basement. Overdubs were captured at Arner's apartment. This is the group's first album to be recorded with recent addition Dan On, who reportedly pushed the band in a more straightforward and pop-friendly direction (in comparison to the jazzy, experimental inclinations of former bassist Ridley Bishop).

On wrote three of the tracks. One of these songs, "Andrew," is presumably the same one that he has performed with his solo synth-pop project Adanac. The previous version is below (although the full-band version is bound to sound very different).

Shell explained in an email to Exclaim!, "I often write songs about people, so when I am in the demo stage, before I come up with a proper title, I just name the song after the person. Even though it's a bit nerve-wracking to have three different songs named after three different ex-girlfriends, it saves some time explaining who the song is about."

See the tracklist below. The album cover is up above.


1. Olga
2. John
3. Andrew
4. Alexandra 
5. Ridley
6. Artemis
7. Davie
8. Mareesa
9. Rosaline
10. Jaci

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