Non La Preps 'Not in Love' LP, Shares "Light in My Loafers"

Non La Preps 'Not in Love' LP, Shares 'Light in My Loafers'
Non La is the new moniker of DJ On, a member of the Vancouver indie group Thee AHs. This coming Valentine's Day, Non La will release the heartbreaking LP Not in Love.

Ahead of its arrival, we get a taste of the release with the new song "Light in My Loafers." The song can be streamed in full below.

Of the new tune, On shared the following statement:

This song is an ode to Grindr and gay hook-up app culture. A song dedicated to every faceless, sculpted torso I've met over the years on Grindr, Tinder, Hornet, Scruff, Growlr, Surge and ack'd. The song is a break-up letter I write to Grindr after every unsatisfying sexual encounter. I never send the letter though.

Not in Love will arrive on February 14 as a vinyl release from Kingfisher Bluez and a cassette from Lost Sound Tapes. Its cover art is available above.

Not in Love:

1. Wanting
2. Light In My Loafers
3. Go Out Stay In
4. Yr Man
5. Wait 4 You
6. In My Head (3443)
7. Saviour
8. Come On
9. Explained
10. Not In Love