Slint's 'Spiderland' Remastered and Reissued in Box Set

Slint's 'Spiderland' Remastered and Reissued in Box Set
Spiderland, the 1991 album from proto post-rock outfit Slint, was released in 1991. This year, it'll be issued again as part of a deluxe box set.

The release includes a remastered version of the original album, along with 14 unreleased demos and outtakes. In addition, the set includes a 104-page book featuring lyrics, photos, and a contribution from Will Oldham, who is responsible for taking the now iconic photo that graces the album cover.

The box will include all of the music on 180-gram vinyl, along with CD copies. In addition, Lance Bangs' Slint documentary Breadcrumb Trail will also be included in the box on DVD.

Those who preorder the box before March 8 will receive a Slint T-shirt made from the same silkscreen used for their 1989 tour merch. Otherwise, the box set will be available on April 15 via Touch and Go.

Spiderland (Remastered) box set:

A1. Breadcrumb Trail (Remastered)

A2. Nosferatu Man (Remastered)

A3. Don, Aman (Remastered)

B1. Washer (Remastered)

B2. For Dinner... (Remastered)

B3. Good Morning, Captain (Remastered)

C1. Nosferatu Man (Basement Practice)

C2. Washer (Basement Practice)

C3. Good Morning, Captain (Demo)

D1. Pam (Rough Mix, Spiderland Outtake)

D2. Glenn (Spiderland Outtake)

D3. Todd's Song (Post-Spiderland Song in Progress)

E1. Brian's Song (Post-Spiderland Demo)

E2. Cortez The Killer (live Chicago 1989)

F1. Washer (4 track Vocal Demo)

F2. Nosferatu Man (4 track Vocal Demo)

F3. Pam (4 track Vocal Demo)

F4. Good Morning, Captain (Evanston Riff Tape)

F5. Nosferatu Man (Evanston Riff Tape)

F6. Pam (Evanston Riff Tape)