Slint Visited the 'Spiderland' Quarry for a 30th Anniversary Swim

"Not quite the same spot and missing our brother [David Pajo]"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 26, 2021

Slint's Spiderland, the cult second album from the American outfit that would ultimately be their last, turned 30 years old this past March, and the band recently paid it a fitting tribute by taking a dip in the quarry captured on the LP's cover.

On Instagram today, the band shared a shot of themselves swimming at what is now known as Quarry Bluff Estates in Utica, IN. Of course, the area was much less developed when Will Oldham snapped Slint treading water for their album art way back when.

"Not quite the same spot and missing our brother [Dave Pajo] but we managed to get back into the quarry!" Slint wrote in sharing the photo.

You can find their post below.

Slint previously treated Spiderland to an expanded, remastered box set reissue in 2014, which they then followed with reunion shows and tour dates that same year.

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