Siskiyou "Wasted Genius"

Siskiyou 'Wasted Genius'
With Siskiyou's upcoming third full-length, Nervous, being one of the more anticipated LPs of 2015, fans of the folk-explorers are no doubt getting jittery waiting for the album to drop. There's still a little bit of time before Constellation Records sets it free in full, but you can at least sample new preview track "Wasted Genius" right now.

There's a claustrophobic edge to Colin Huebert's fractured yelp, outlining his isolation ("I never go down town") from "all the stupid shit that people do." As it turns out, he could be palling around with paranormals at home, so it all evens out in the end. The song itself winds itself up with a steady beat, steel drum-like guitar textures and simple acoustic strums before launching into a cathartic crash of drums and hot-wired six-string bends.

You can stream and download "Wasted Genius" down below courtesy of Consequence of Sound, while Nervous hits stores January 20.