​Siskiyou Announces 'Not Somewhere' LP, Shares New Song

Hear "Stop Trying" from the project's first album in four years
​Siskiyou Announces 'Not Somewhere' LP, Shares New Song
Siskiyou — the experimental folk project of former Great Lake Swimmers member Colin Huebert — will release his latest album Not Somewhere on May 17 via Constellation Records.

The first song to arrive from the upcoming album is opening track "Stop Trying." Huebert describes the tune as "a song for a movie," adding that it's "a meditation on the futility of control."

You can hear "Stop Trying" for yourself down below.

The upcoming record marks the follow-up to 2015's Nervous, and as Constellation explains, Not Somewhere is an album that finds Huebert "essentially in solo artist mode, writing and self-recording this new collection of tunes on his own, playing all the guitar, bass, keyboard and drum parts himself."

The label continues: "Not Somewhere harkens back to Siskiyou's magical and understated 2010 self-titled debut in this and other ways: the album's production rekindles a homespun intimacy, where plain-spoken lyrics grapple with portraits of quiet quotidian despair, fragile existential horizon lines separating perseverance and defeatism, honest and unremarkable lives trapped in cultures of false consciousness, impossible desire, self-analysis and self-medication."
The full 12-song tracklisting for Not Somewhere is available down below as well, while the album artwork is pictured above.
Not Somewhere:
1. Stop Trying
2. What Ifs
3. Temporary Weakness
4. The End II /// Song Of Joy
5. Untitled 32 (live off of the land)
6. Dying Dying Dying /// Wake Wake Wake
7. Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads
8. Nothing Disease
9. Silhouette
10. Her Aim Is Tall
11. Stop Trying (jubilant reprise)
12. Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads (alternate outro)