The Sheepdogs "Take a Trip"

The Sheepdogs 'Take a Trip'
Saskatoon rockers the Sheepdogs recently revealed plans for an ambitious 18-track new album titled Future Nostalgia, and before it arrives next month, Exclaim! has got the premiere of a track titled "Take a Trip" off the upcoming release.
The record was produced by frontman Ewan Currie alongside engineer Matt Ross-Spang in Stony Lake, ON — and as the name implies, the band's signature throwback style remains in tact on Future Nostalgia, showing plenty of appreciation for the traditions of classic rock.
"Take a Trip" transports the listener to a time when rock'n'roll reigned supreme, delivering groovy riffs and rhythms that support Currie's rootsy, soulful vocal performance. "Take a Trip" through musical history with the Sheepdogs by giving the retro-sounding new tune a spin in the player below.
Future Nostalgia is out on October 2 via Warner Music.