Sepultura "Under My Skin" (lyric video)

Sepultura 'Under My Skin' (lyric video)
Sepultura had previously explained that their new single, "Under My Skin," "expresses the respect and love we have for you all." Now, the band are showing their gratitude to the fans even more via a video compiling pics of people that have inked themselves up with Sepultura-themed tattoos.

As we learned a while back, the song features a vicious groove, with detuned guitars and lung-puncturing percussion driving the piece. The video, meanwhile, presents a slideshow of faithful metalheads that have used their bodies as artistic canvases to salute Sepultura. Many sport the familiar, spindled "S" logo, while others have modified versions of the cover art from albums like Roots or Chaos A.D. to fit on their arms or calves.

"We salute you with all of our heart," the band say in song. And they mean it.