"Talkin Shit? Okay"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 5, 2018

Feel like trashin' your friends with a behind-their-backs convo? Well, THEESatisfaction's Sassy Black is coming right out and telling you that she's onto your conniving ways. She's doing this tunefully via the dishonesty blasting new solo single, "Talkin Shit? Okay."

Like the choicest of THEESatisfaction tracks, the new number offers up a mix of wobbly keys and solid snare clacks. Above the chimes-sparkled soundscape, Sassy Black warns the masses to take care when gossiping about your close ones. Word travels fast, you sneaks.

She added in a statement:

When you are winning, you will have folks that are talking trash about you. And sometimes those are the same folks who have been trying to get at you or are currently dating you. I just wanted folks to know that they aren't slick and I can hear what they are saying.

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