"Thriller (Game Healer)" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jul 5, 2018

THEESatisfaction's SassyBlack recently shut down folks' shit-talking ways with the blunt reality check of a single "Talkin Shit? Okay." Now, she's ready to unveil the video for a new track titled "Thriller (Game Healer)." 
The song comes from this year's Personal Sunlight, while the clip itself was directed by Tiona McClodden. "Inspiration for this one was simple," McClodden said in a statement. "Vantablack — I wanted to see if I could push the image to the blackest points possible."
Taking cues from the world's darkest material, the video unsurprisingly leans away from the colour spectrum, opting instead to present Sassy Black in dark settings, with the sparse moments of light dimming out entirely at certain points. Historical footage gets spliced with the shots of the singer on city streets.
Watch it all come together in the video for "Thriller (Game Healer)" below.

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