Sargeant X Comrade and Kool Keith Blast Off in "Romance in Outer Space" Video

The track comes from the Calgary neo-soul duo's debut album, 'Magic Radio'

BY Matt BobkinPublished Jan 13, 2021

Calgary neo-soul duo Sargeant X Comrade had plenty of surprises on last year's debut album, Magic Radio, but teaming up with rap legend Kool Keith on "Romance in Outer Space" might be the biggest. Now, the crew — Keith included — have treated the song to an intergalactic new music video.

Keeping with the song's story of star-crossed romance, the video showcases Yolanda Sargeant's relationship with an astronaut via a retro TV set. She and the rest of the band then take a tricked-out RV to space, where they're joined by Kool Keith and DJ WeezL before landing on Venus.

"We met Keith through DJ WeezL, who is our DJ friend from Edmonton who used to tour with Kool Keith and be his DJ for all of his Canadian dates," Evgeniy "Comrade" Bykovets said in a statement to Exclaim! "Working with Kool Keith was a great experience, as he is a legend in the underground hip-hop scene and it was an honour to do a track with him. He is very creative and does a lot of songs that are very 'outside the box,' which is why we did a kind of an oddball outer space love song."

On the video, Comrade said, "This video was made on zero budget and all done with green screen and Photoshop. The style reflects our style of music, which, in a way, is kind of like an auditory collage with Yolanda's vocals over top. This video is also a collage of images that fit together to create a vibe." Keith filmed his footage from New York, and Comrade stitched his contributions into the video.

Watch the "Romance in Outer Space" video below.

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