Rah Rah "Chip Off the Heart" (video)

Rah Rah 'Chip Off the Heart' (video)
Most videos don't start with the sight of an interstellar snuff film set anticipating the grisly death of an astronaut at the hands of an oxygen-deprived alligator. And for that, we salute Rah Rah, who have filled the opening scene of their "Chip Off the Heart" video with exactly that.

The wild, collage-style visuals were produced byDynasty Artists Picture Corp., who also fill the three-minute piece with various outer space asteroids, as well as planetary explorations that observe the calmed day-to-day of a bunch of turquoise monks.

The film is scored by Rah Rah's recent indie-pop number "Chip Off the Heart," a cane sugar-sweet single dipped in tasty vocal melodies, lite disco drum rhythms, and a strawberry swirl of organs and guitar.

You'll find the quite literally heart-pumping video down below, courtesy of Noisey. Rah Rah's Vessels album arrives September 11 through Hidden Pony.