​Members of Rah Rah, Surf Dads, Grovner Debut New Band Big Day

Stream "Q&A" and "Same Shade" from their new two-song single
​Members of Rah Rah, Surf Dads, Grovner Debut New Band Big Day
Members of Regina bands like Rah Rah, Surf Dads, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, and Grovner have joined forces for a new project called Big Day. The new band are making their musical debut with a two-song single featuring "Q&A" and "Same Shade."
The project started out with a couple of members texting iPhone demos back and forth, before solidifying a full band lineup.
The two new tunes were recorded by engineer Chris Dimas, and Madison Nicol provides piano on the A-side and pedal-steel on the flip side.
"'Q&A' was one of the first songs we demo'd," Gage McGuire tells Exclaim! "It follows themes of uncertainty and commitment and it's definitely the more sad of the two."
"'Same Shade' was also in the first batch of demos and it is a bit more upbeat," he adds. "It's a fairly simple love song that revolves around the idea of starting over and doing it all a bit better."
So, without further ado, stream both new tunes down below.