Radiohead Accused of Copyright Breach over "Burn the Witch" Video

Radiohead Accused of Copyright Breach over 'Burn the Witch' Video
The rock world is currently gripped with Radiohead fever, as the veteran band's new album A Moon Shaped Pool has been getting stellar reviews. The group seem to have hit a slight snag, however, as they're being accused of copyright infringement over the animated video for lead single "Burn the Witch."

The stop-motion clip bears a visual resemblance to the British show Trumpton, which aired way back in the '60s. Although the animation styles are similar, the tone is very different: while Trumpton is a cheerful children's series about an idyllic town, "Burn the Witch" is an unsettling story of human sacrifice.

Trumpton was created by Gordon Murray, who is now 95. Murray's son in law William Mollett told the Daily Mail, "Radiohead should have sought our consent as we consider this a tarnishing of the brand. It is not something we would have authorized. We consider that there is a breach of copyright and we are deciding what to do next."

Mollett said that the family would not show Murray the video, saying, "Gordon would be appalled." Watch Radiohead's video below, plus a clip from Trumpton. It remains to be seen whether the similarity between the two results in a lawsuit.

The video for "Burn the Witch" has also been compared the '70s horror film The Wicker Man. There's no indication that Radiohead will be getting into any trouble from the folks behind that movie.

A Moon Shaped Pool is available digitally now. It's due out in physical formats on June 17.