Police Are Now Looking into Daz Dillinger's Kanye West Threat

Ray J., meanwhile, says he's ready to soldier up
Police Are Now Looking into Daz Dillinger's Kanye West Threat
The world is a very different place now that Kanye West is a full-on MAGA chud. While people like T.I. have tried to change his mind through the age-old art of debate, others have taken a different approach. Just yesterday (April 30), West Coast rapper Daz Dillinger called out a "Crip alert" telling gang members to "fuck Kanye up."

Now, police are looking into the since-deleted video to see if there's a "prosecutable crime" in Dillinger's words. And if he's looking for someone to blame for the investigation, Dillinger can take it out on TMZ — in a new post, the publication revealed it alerted the cops about Dillinger's heated vid.

UPDATE (5/1, 2:15 p.m. EDT): Now Daz Dillinger has claimed Kanye has filed a restraining order against him. "Kanye put a restraining order on me," Daz says in a newly uploaded video. "Fuck Kanye. Appreciate it. I'm gonna frame it up in the fucking studio." You can check out the very non-PC clip down below.

The aftermath of the video has done a lot more than inspire big gossip sites to snitch. It's also got Ray J. all riled up. Dillinger shared a screenshot of the vid on Instagram, and the former boyfriend of Kim Kardashian commented, "u krazy kuzin!!! let me know what we doin!!"

Peep the Instagram post below.


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