Peaking Lights "Breakdown" (video)

Peaking Lights 'Breakdown' (video)
For all the good that smartphones have delivered, sometimes the info-packed pieces of glass, electronics and plastic are more of a hassle than anything. Witness, if you will, the new video for Peaking Lights' "Breakdown," in which we observe the co-dependent relationship between human and machine.

To the tune of the electronic pop song's blipping synthscape, we see a young woman spending her day with a giant anthropomorphized iPhone. Their closeness is revealed as she checks out the cat pics displayed on his stomach as she's while sitting on a toilet. Later, she discovers the dangers of texting and driving, and rolls her eyes when the device conjures up a call from grandma during work hours.

You can explore their dynamic even further down below. Peaking Lights' Cosmic Logic, meanwhile, hits retailers on October 6 via Weird World.