Oval Outlines 'OvalDNA' Collection

Oval Outlines 'OvalDNA' Collection
After taking nearly ten years off from his Oval project, German electronic musician Markus Popp got back in the game last year with his massive 70-song O, and he's showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. On top of his current stretch of Canadian gigs, including last week's frantic performance in Vancouver, Oval is also about to drop a career-spanning double set with goodies to spare.

The CD/DVD package OvalDNA will highlight Oval's lengthy career and is being prepped by German imprint Shitkatapult for a November 25 release. The first disc gathers tracks culled from Popp's back catalogue, while also presenting 12 unreleased tracks.

The DVD, meanwhile, collects another ten bonus songs, a documentary, a music video for "Glass UFO" (included at the bottom of the page) and a 20-page booklet put together by Popp and artist David Troop. In addition, 2,000 AIFF individual sound files from Oval's past are presented for music fans to fiddle with however they see fit.

You can check out samples of the collection down below.


1. "Quito"

2. "Kasino"

3. "Tweakk"

4. "Australasia"

5. "Credit Line"

6. "Mare Fax"

7. "Heroci"

8. "Octaeder 0.2"

9. "70 kino"

10. "Alpen"

11. "Mersey"

12. "In + Love"

13. "Stealth"

14. "Gegenlese"

15. "Savvy"

16. "Eigentlichen 2.0"

17. "Doku_Drama"

18. "Breeno"

19. "I"

20. "Flageo"

21. "Whypunkt"

22. "Instantan 1+2"

23. "Pockyrocky"

24. "IV"

25. "Op"

DVD Bonus Tracks:

1. "Esigh"

2. "Excel M"

3. "II"

4. "I"

5. "Glass UFO"

6. "II(2)"

7. "Story Mode"

8. "Latvia"

9. "III"

10. "Inwending"

Oval - OvalDNA - Album Preview by Oval (Official)

Oval - OvalDNA - Bonus Tracks Preview by Oval (Official)

Oval - Glass UFO from Amberley Productions on Vimeo.