Oval Gives Away Rarities, Launches Subscription Series

Oval Gives Away Rarities, Launches Subscription Series
German electronic music vet Markus Popp stepped away from his Oval moniker for much of last decade, but having revived it in recent years, he's announced plans to keep the new music coming with a monthly subscription series.

This news comes via The Wire, which reports that the mailing list is cleverly called Circle. Oval will dole an exclusive track to subscribers every month, and this will be followed by a collectors-only album once a year. The program begins on Monday (June 24).

As a precursor to the series, Oval has shared a handful of old records on his Bandcamp page as free downloads. These are Japanese editions and include rare, exclusive bonus tracks. There are also a few for-pay physical versions, if you're so inclined.

To download the albums for free, you must supply your email address; Popp wrote on Facebook that this is "because more awesomeness is coming your way very soon." We're guessing that refers to the aforementioned subscription series.

Head over to Bandcamp to dive in.