Oval Returns with 'Popp'

Oval Returns with 'Popp'
German glitch great Oval (a.k.a. Markus Popp) has revealed plans to put out his next solo release. Titled Popp, the self-referentially titled album is out October 14 through the artist's own UOVOOO imprint.

A press release [via Pitchfork] explains that this latest collection from Oval is filled with "club tracks" that are apparently not as lean as some of the more minimal textures of his past work. While it's being hinted that the 11 tracks on Popp are pretty complex from a technical standpoint, the electronic pieces apparently still "sound organic.

"Working on these new 'club tracks' was like going from cucina povera (my 1990s student-budget glitch style) and hi-tech fusion cuisine (post-2010) to feeling like a vegan who just stumbled into a barbecue seminar," Oval explained in a statement. "However complex and insanely technical my tracks may ever be getting, I will always make sure they sound organic, as if they're running on nothing but sheer imagination."

While samples from the set have yet to go live, you can find the tracklisting info down below.

Following a long project hiatus in the 2000s, Popp returned to his Oval moniker in 2010 for the Oh EP and the 70-song O album. A comp called OvalDNA followed in 2012, with his South America-exploring Calidostópia! being delivered the next year.

In 2013, Popp began offering Oval music to fans through a subscription series.


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