Zoon and Status/Non-Status Form OMBIIGIZI, Announce Kevin Drew-Produced Debut Album

Hear lead single "Residential Military" now

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 10, 2021

Daniel Monkman (Zoon) and Adam Sturgeon (Status/Non-Status) are Anishinaabe songwriters who have both explored self-described "moccasin-gaze" music, and now they're uniting forces in the new project OMBIIGIZI. Recorded in collaboration with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, their debut album is called Sewn Back Together, and they have shared lead single "Residential Military."

They recorded Sewn Back Together's 10 tracks at the Tragically Hip's famed Bathouse Recording Studio in Bath, ON. Monkman tells Exclaim!, "It's a mixture of alternative to dream pop, shoegaze to singer-songwriter. There's even an emo track on there. It's filled with all types of stuff, but it blends really nicely and cohesively."

Monkman calls Sturgeon a "dear friend," noting that this is their first time writing music together. The songwriter says, "We went into the session with all these compositions and arrangements, and when we got there, Kevin was just like, 'No, we're going to start off from scratch, take some of those ideas and build off that. He really wanted to focus on making it cohesive and not having too much Zoon sound or too much Status sound. So when it came together, it's a brand new project and sound."

The fast-and-furious recording process involved the musicians capturing multiple songs per day, stripping back some of the hazy distortion their projects are usually known for and highlighting their voices and songwriting.

For a taste of this new sound, hear the Sonic Youth-styled "Residential Military" down below. The song is inspired by Sturgeon's desire to connect with traditions in a modern context.

Sewn Back Together is out February 10 on Arts & Crafts. Read Exclaim!'s recent interview with Zoon about the 30th anniversary of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless.

Sewn Back Together:

1. Cherry Coke
2. Residential Military
3. The Once Child
4. Niiyo Biboonagizi
5. Ogiin
6. Spirit in Me
7. Yaweh
8. Birch Bark Paper Trails
9. Zaagitoon

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