Ol' Dirty Bastard "Free to Be Dirty" Live!

Why this particular performance was chosen for Ol' Dirty Bastard's posthumous video cash grab is a mystery. The venue looks smaller than you'd expect for a performance by a member of the Wu-Tang Clan and the limited shots of the crowd give the impression that there aren’t many people there. The sound quality is great but ODB tends to rap over the vocal versions of his songs, which he doesn't freak nearly as well live, and his Brooklyn Zoo hype men threaten to drown him out when rapping along. And for a guy who claims to "like it raw,” ODB sure keeps it tame for the nearly one-hour performance, only giving a little more energy for his Return to the 36 Chambers classics. The "crazy” and "unpredictable” ODB doesn't pop up until the coke-addled question period that makes up the "behind the scenes” special feature. In one word: disappointing. (NuTech Digital, www.nutechdigital.tv)