No Joy Cover Deftones on New EP

Listen to them take on the 'White Pony' classic "Teenager"
No Joy Cover Deftones on New EP
From inspiring a Bernie meme to collaborating with CFCF, shoegazers No Joy have kept plenty busy since releasing their new album Motherhood last year. Now, they're back with a cover of Deftones' "Teenager."

Yes, just one day removed from Nap Eyes' Green Day cover, another Canadian indie band is getting all nostalgic. No Joy's new cover of "Teenager" is available now.

"I have never been shy about my love for Deftones," No Joy's Jasamine White-Gluz said in a press release. "White Pony is one of my favourite records of all time, and the track 'Teenager' was proof to me that they were a band bigger than any nu-metal confines they were trapped in. It's such a sensitive and delicate song sequenced right in the center of a very heavy album.

"We recorded our version completely remotely. Nailah [Hunter]'s harp, Tara [McLeod]'s lapsteel, and Ouri's experimental cello really capture the emotional feeling I had when I first heard the song as a teenager."

The video for "Teenager" was directed by an actual teenager — 15-year-old Kevin Petty.

"I took the videos cause I want something to remember when I grow up," Petty said. "It's always the small moments like skating around with your friends or walking around your high school campus that means the most. It's gonna be really cool when I get older and see these old videos with all my old classmates and friends."

Watch the video for "Teenager" below.

The song will appear on Can My Daughter See Me from Heaven, a new No Joy EP that will arrive on May 19 via Hand Drawn Dracula/Joyful Noise.