Watch Nardwuar Dig Into Ed Sheeran's Hip-Hop History

The star talks Eminem's generosity, smoking weed with Snoop and his Death Row Records chain

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 3, 2023

Ed Sheeran has a long way to go to reach Snoop Dogg status, but the singer-songwriter can now count himself among the lucky few to have been interviewed more than once by Nardwuar the Human Serviette

The latest chat between the two brings them to Vancouver's Beat Street Records almost a decade after they first met. Upon arriving, Sheeran's interview is prefaced by a guided tour of the shop's immense collectables room. In addition to all manner of hip-hop figurines, the pop star is also heartened by the collection's British representation with UK music magazines, "Spider-Mandem" and Spice Girls toys.

The half-hour video finds Sheeran reflecting on his early music industry beginnings as a street team member and guitar tech, playing shows without an audience, his Death Row Records chain, introducing his dad to Paul McCartney and having his likeness immortalized in plastic as a Funko figurine: "They've just done my second one, I was really buzzed about it."

Sheeran also shares plenty about his hip-hop fandom, recalling his own genre favourites, the generosity of Eminem, and how he isn't all that far removed from blanket DMing grime artists on MySpace.

Concerning a different sort of Snoop Dogg status, Sheeran also recalled the time he shared a dressing room joint with Doggfather and Russell Crowe upon seeing a cardboard cutout of the artist among Beat Street's treasure trove of collectibles. "I don't really smoke anymore," Sheeran said, explaining, "I know if I do, my night's over. So I had a long conversation first, and then went, 'Fuck it, when in Rome,' and, uh, I couldn't see." 

Gifts for Sheeran include a custom Mac Miller LEGO minifigure, a copy of Ego Trip magazine covered by Gang Starr, an Immortal Technique 12-inch, and a grime compilation featuring himself on a remix he has yet to hear.

Nardwuar's recent interview subjects include boygenius, Lil Uzi Vert, Nickelback, Alvvays, Babytron, $uicideboy$ and more.

Last month, Sheeran shared his second Aaron Dessner-produced album of 2023, following this year's - (a.k.a. Subtract)

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