That Long-Awaited Ed Sheeran Collaboration Will Be on Cradle of Filth's New Album

The band finally "did the song with Ed over a year ago now," after the idea came together "about two and a half years" ago

Photo: Cradle of Filth by Susan Moss (left)

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 15, 2024

Genre is dead! Since 2021, Cradle of Filth have been manifesting a collaboration with everyman pop sensation Ed Sheeran — and it's finally done in time for the extreme metal band's forthcoming album, frontperson Dani Filth confirmed.

In a new interview with the Polish YouTube channel Pełna Kulturka, Filth spoke about the progress of the long-awaited track, which had apparently gotten pushed aside partway through in 2022 due to Sheeran becoming a father. 

Speaking of Cradle of Filth's new material, Filth said [via NME], "One of the surprises, obviously — but it's not so much a surprise — is that we've got a song that we have Ed Sheeran guesting on. It's gonna be on the album." He explained that the band "did the song with Ed over a year ago now," after the idea first came together "about two and a half years" ago. 

"It's probably gonna be three and a half years before anybody actually hears the song," Filth projected, pointing to an early 2025 release date for the record. "But it is what it is. Obviously, he's one of the biggest artists in the world, and we have to abide by his rules."

FIlth went on, "He's a lovely guy, don't get me wrong, but his management, obviously, have his vested interest at heart. And I think this year he's taking a complete year off. And obviously we want him in the video, so if that's gonna happen, we have to release that single with him on next year."

The frontperson further assured that the people who had been lucky enough to have already heard Cradle of Filth x Ed Sheeran "loved it," adding that the song is  "what you imagine — it's Cradle of Filth and it's Ed Sheeran. It sounds like Ed Sheeran, it sounds like Cradle of Filth."

"There's a blast beat in it," Filth continued. "I think it's gonna surprise a lot of people, the album. But it doesn't necessarily mean the album is commercial. It's a very heavy record. We just upped the game as a band. We moved one step further toward the future from our previous record."

Cradle of Filth's last album was 2021's Existence Is Futile, as well as the 2023 live release Trouble and Their Double Lives. Meanwhile, Sheeran released the Aaron Dessner-produced - last year and landed a coveted position on Exclaim!'s esteemed Worst Album Covers of 2023 list. (He had already dug his own grave, anyway.)

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