"Therm G" (ft. Dro Carey) (video)

BY Josiah HughesPublished Sep 4, 2014

Los Angeles producer Ian Evans shared Incursio, his debut album as Napolian, through Software earlier this year. Since then, he's been treating songs to music videos, the most recent of which is his clip for "Therm G."

The track itself is a fairly overwhelming composition, complete with deep, distorted drum samples, sketchy synth patches and a heavy climax. It only makes sense, then, that it'd come with some equally intense visuals. While the animated video is fairly abstract, it adds to the song's general chaotic feeling with flashing colours, intense animated collages and frightening figures. It's only two minutes long, but don't be surprised if you break a sweat.

Watch the video for "Therm G" below.

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