Napolian 'Road to Incursio' (mixtape)

Napolian 'Road to Incursio' (mixtape)
Los Angeles producer Ian Evans released his debut album as Napolian when he issued Incursio earlier this year through Software. Now, he's teamed up with the same label for a mixtape called Road to Incursio.

This is the first instalment in Software's new mixtape series, Mixware. Like all future instalments in the series, Road to Incursio is available as a free digital download and limited cassette release.

The title of Road to Incursio implies that this includes material he made and was inspired by during the crafting of his latest album. It includes tracks by Napolian himself along with material from other artists, including four appearances from Oneohtrix Point Never. There are 32 tracks in all.

An announcement describes Mixware like this: "Featuring new, old, and unreleased material alongside remixes, edits, and archival material, Mixware welcomes free explorations by the Software crew."

Stream and/or download Road to Incursio below. Cassette copies can be purchased here.