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BY Hannah ZieglerPublished Jun 2, 2016

Though Danish one-woman metal artist Myrkur previously kept her personal identity a secret, the mastermind behind the project, Amalie Bruun, has since opened up. With a self-titled EP and a full-length album called M under her belt, not to mention a tour with Polish black metal outfit Behemoth, we asked Bruun to sit down with us for an episode of Aggressive Tendencies in April, at Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre.

There, she discussed her feelings about being a metal artist in a heavily male dominated landscape, explaining that she's gained attention partially because of the combination of her gender and musical genre, but that it's also come with trials and tribulations that she's confidently overcome. She also shared her insight on how haters fuel her, the unified crowd that metal ultimately attracts and the petty YouTube comments that make her laugh.

Watch the interview in the player below.

Interview by Natalie Walschots
Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Phoenix Concert Theatre (410 Sherbourne St.) in Toronto, ON

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