Murder Murder Launch Fundraiser After Highway Crash Ends Canadian Tour

Murder Murder Launch Fundraiser After Highway Crash Ends Canadian Tour
As the Ghost Inside sadly reminded us recently, life out on the road can be dangerous for touring bands. Sudbury's Murder Murder know this better than anyone, since the group have put their touring plans on hold following a crash on a snowy highway in the Prairies.

The incident took place last Wednesday (November 18) outside of Whitewood, SK, where the ensemble were travelling between shows in Brandon, MB, and Regina, SK. They wrote on Facebook, "The good news is that we all walked away after we went off the road."

The bad news, however, is that the van, trailer and the band's bass were all destroyed, and they had to cancel the remainder of their late-fall tour. This means that almost a dozen shows have been called off.

The band were apparently driving well below the speed limit, but a gust of wind made them lose traction. "Many of us were suspended in the air by our seatbelts. We basically looked around and everyone was miraculously in good shape," violinist Geoff McCausland told the Sudbury Star. "We all walked away, but one guy had his finger cut badly and had to go to Regina for surgery. It looks like the nerves and bones are okay, but it will take just a while to heal."

Members Sam Cassio, Kris Dickson and Steph Duchesne were taken to hospital following the crash. Dickson was the one with the hurt finger. The band posted a detailed account and number on photos on their blog.

There's a silver lining to all this: Murder Murder's friends and family started a fundraising campaign to help the band get back out on the road, and they have already surpassed their $10,000 goal in just two days (there are still 39 days to go). It seems that the group didn't start the campaign themselves, but they're clearly on board with it, since prizes include things like getting name-checked in a song, appearing in a music video or getting a private show. Check out the details at Indiegogo.

Murder Murder have a homecoming show scheduled for December 4 at Sudbury's the Beef 'n Bird.

Hear their 2015 album From the Stillhouse below.