Modest Mouse The Moon and Antarctica

I have seen the future: Modest Mouse will be the hottest band in the land. Once The Moon and Antarctica hits the airwaves, Wal-Mart will be stocking posters of these improbable hit makers and front man Isaac Brock will grace the cover of every magazine, including Basketball Weekly and Martha Stewart Living. Statues will be erected in the band's honour in every City Square and public park. All this and more because of the fact that the band's stunning major label debut - The Moon and Antarctica, a loose concept album about lost identity and isolation - is the perfect drug. It makes your teeth whiter, your thoughts deeper and your waistline thinner. One listen to epic alt-rock track "The Stars Are Projectors," or slap-dash hit "Gravity Rides Everything" and you'll feel ten years younger and ten times richer. It will restore your faith in the power of alternative rock and the electric guitar. Then again, maybe this release will suffer the same fate as every major label record released by like-minded bands the Pixies and Built To Spill - another greatest record that nobody's ever heard. Well, whatever. Nevermind. (Epic)