Miike Snow "Heart Is Full" (Run the Jewels remix)

Miike Snow 'Heart Is Full' (Run the Jewels remix)
Swedish-American popsters Miike Snow recently released a song called "Heart Is Full" from their upcoming III. Now, that has tune has gotten a remix from hellraising rap duo Run the Jewels.

The arrangement itself sounds the same as the original version, as it features a sample-driven mix of booming soul and futuristic pop. In this version, Killer Mike and El-P drop by for a couple of full-throttle verses, and they offer a rather twisted take on romance. Mike begins his verse with this tongue-twister: "Country girl meets city slicker former stripper-tipper."

Speaking to the Fader, Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt said this about the remix:

When we heard that RTJ were fans and down to get on this beat I was super excited... but cautiously so. I knew this was the type of beat that they could just eat for breakfast; but I was hoping that the whole thing wouldn't come off sounding too retro. I was at [producer] Emile Haynie's house when the email with the mix came through and so we stopped what we were doing to throw it up on the speakers. The moment Killer Mike launched into his verse, Emile and I couldn't stop smiling; he had found that flow, the rhythm to his lines that was undeniable, the flow which was so huge as to transcend any trendiness in music and just be monolithically awesome. El-P continued riding that same vein – and it's like a sledgehammer.

Hear it below.