Mew "The Night Believer" (video)

Mew 'The Night Believer' (video)
Danish prog pop outfit Mew continue to weigh the pros and cons of their +- LP with new supplemental materials. Following their recent "Witness" video, they're back with another visual accompaniment. This time, they've taken on album track "The Night Believer."

The stop-motion video was conceived by Lianne Pierce, who previously worked on the Pixies' "Bagboy" video. Here, she's joined by animator Will Hodge, who's previously worked on films like Frankenweenie and Fantastic Mr. Fox. They've interpreted the song with a playful, colourful clip that features a quirky robot and a handful of other creatures.

Watch the video for "The Night Believer" below, and view Mew's upcoming tour schedule here.