Mew "85 Videos" (video)

Mew '85 Videos' (video)
Mew are gearing up to release their new record Visuals this April, and before it arrives, the band have shared a clip for album cut "85 Videos."

The video features the same kaleidoscopic artwork that adorns the record's front cover, shifting shapes effortlessly not only on faces, but torsos as well. The results are truly eye-popping.

The new clip was directed by the band's frontman Jonas Bjerre, who had this to say about the band's new clip and the artwork present in it:

I've been working a lot with kaleidoscopes lately. You have an image, or a sequence of images, and you snip out an angle, mirror it, and repeat it in a 360-degree angle. It's a beautiful thing, because almost no matter the state of the original image, it ends up a beautiful symmetrical, indefinable something. A picture of your messy desk turns into a strange flower. I like that you can't really envision what it will look like until you see it. I think our music is a bit like that too, even as we're working on it. I made a bunch of sequences, and crafted them into these ever-changing 'faces' that I then video-projected on to our actual faces. It's like wearing a mask made out of photons. You can say a lot of philosophical stuff about masks - but don't worry, I'm not going to. Hope you enjoy the video.

Visuals will arrive on April 28 through Play It Again Sam. Watch the clip for "85 Videos" in the player below.