Marvelous Darlings Drop 'Single Life' Cassette, Promise LP Compilation

Marvelous Darlings Drop 'Single Life' Cassette, Promise LP Compilation
Mere days after revealing Where It's Quiet, the new EP from Young Governor, we have yet another Ben Cook-related release to point in your direction. No, it's not a new Fucked Up release or a No Warning reunion album, but Cook's power pop band Marvelous Darlings, who have compiled their numerous singles on a new collection.

 Fittingly titled Single Life, the compilation is available now in a very limited run of cassettes. Only 250 copies were pressed and hand-numbered by Burger Records. To get your hands on a copy, head over to the label site here.

 The same compilation will be pressed to an LP and CD by Deranged Records in the near future. While no solid release date has been announced, Cook revealed on his blog that the CD will include "tons of bonus demos and cool stuff."

Following that, yet another version of the CD will be available in Japan on SP Records.

For now, the tracklisting for the cassette version is available below and that's the art above.

Single Life:

1. "I Don't Wanna Go To The Party"
2. "The Swords, The Streets"
3. "Teenage Targets"
4. "I'll Stand By Her"
5. "Sleeping Like a Deadman"
6. "The One Ones For Miles"
7. "Shoot The Piano Player"
8. "I Hate Rock n Roll"
9. "Careerist"
10. "Galloway"
11. "Lagoons"
12. "Friend of a Friend"
13. "Call it a Night"
14. "Follow Me Home"
15. "I Want My Brand"
16. "Terminally Ill"