Mark Hoppus Is Writing a Memoir

He'll detail his cancer journey, and all the small things about life in Blink-182

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 12, 2022

It was hard to hear anything beyond the collective expression of emo excitement about the Blink-182 reunion news that broke yesterday — but, say it ain't so, there's more. Founding bassist Mark Hoppus is apparently writing a memoir about his experience being in the band, as well as being diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma in 2021.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hoppus revealed the new project. "I started writing a book, actually, earlier this year," the musician said. "I'm not that far into it yet but I'm writing a book about my life and experience in Blink and what I've gone through over the past year or so."

While a publisher and editor are reportedly on board, Hoppus was scarce on details, but shared that the tone of the book would be a combination of music memoir and medical journey.

"We're finalizing the deal and I'm really happy with the way that's coming together. I'm excited to tell my story," he added of the cancer diagnosis he'd accidentally revealed on Instagram last June. "I didn't say anything about being sick for the longest time because I was so scared and overwhelmed by the whole thing."

Hoppus continued:

My world got really, really small. Like, I closed down and it was just my family and dear friends that were in my life. I was in the hospital chair for my third chemo session when I accidentally posted it to Instagram. I remember staring at it and people started calling, like my publicist, manager and friends. All of a sudden, it was like, oh, damn, I really screwed it up. But as soon as it got out, there was such an overwhelming outpouring of support and love, not only from the world at large and people on Instagram and Twitter and Discord, but to old friends that I had fallen out with 20 years ago. They came back into my life and, at that point, I felt like I turned a corner. I stopped being so afraid and started feeling like, OK, let's see how we can get through this by sharing my story.

Former-former bandmate Tom DeLonge was among the people who showed up to support Hoppus after he shared his diagnosis, perhaps helping to pave the way for the inevitable, oft-teased — but also rebutted — return of the original Blink-182 lineup with drummer Travis Barker. (By the way, has anyone checked in on Matt Skiba?)

The bassist was declared cancer free in September 2021, shortly after finishing his chemo treatments — which he described as "brutal" in another recent interview with PEOPLE, where he opened up about the mental health toll of treatment and recovery. 

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