Tom DeLonge Pays Tribute to Mark Hoppus for Being "Fucking Cancer-Free"

At an Angels & Airwaves show, he told a story about how they formed Blink-182

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 21, 2021

Blink-182 singer-bassist Mark Hoppus recently battled cancer, and having announced that he's now cancer-free, his former bandmate Tom DeLonge has paid tribute to Hoppus at a recent show.

Performing with his band Angels & Airwaves at Pittsburgh, PA's Franklin Music Hall on Tuesday (October 19), DeLonge introduced the song "Rite of Spring" with a story about Hoppus. He said:

My friend Mark came down with stage 4 cancer and now he's fucking clear of it! So this song is about my broken family. About my dad having all these extra girls on the side and him and my mom fighting. I got kicked out of high school, and I knew these two skateboarders at this other high school I went to, and one of them was a good friend of David [Kennedy of Angels & Airwaves] and mine. And he came up to me and he was like, "Hey, you should meet my girlfriend." And this girl comes up and she goes, "I hear you're starting a band." She goes, "My brother is moving down here. His name's Mark and he plays bass guitar." This song is for Mark because he's fucking cancer-free.
DeLonge previously shared his text conversation with Hoppus, in which the bassist confirmed that he had finished his chemotherapy and DeLonge advised him to "fuck as many things as possible" to celebrate.

We recently spoke with DeLonge about government secrets and teenage punk shenanigans for the Exclaim! Questionnaire.

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