Mark Hoppus on the Future of Blink-182: "I'm Open to Anything"

"Like we're all going to live in the same house again?"
Mark Hoppus on the Future of Blink-182: 'I'm Open to Anything'
The internet has been abuzz with rumblings about a possible reunion of the original Blink-182 lineup since Tom DeLonge recently expressed his interest in an interview — and now it seems bassist Mark Hoppus isn't averse to the idea either, saying he's "open to anything in the future."

In an interview with GQ, Hoppus opened up about how he's looking at the future. Newly cancer-free, he's still not sure what's in store for tomorrow; and though he hasn't really thought about what Blink-182's next horizon, he's receptive to the idea of getting the band back together in any permutation.

"We haven't really talked about that, but I'm open to anything in the future," Hoppus told the interviewer. "I don't know how that would work if it's all four of us," he continued, referring to the quartet of DeLonge, himself, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba, the latter having joined the band in 2015 after DeLonge's departure. "Like we're all going to live in the same house again?"

Speaking of, the feature also includes interviews with fellow founding members Barker and DeLonge, who have reportedly returned to a brotherly dynamic, reconciling following Hoppus' cancer diagnosis to rally around him.

DeLonge spoke of an unintentional ​"band meeting" at Hoppus' house around the time he'd initially revealed having stage 4-A diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. ​"We got into more life stuff," DeLonge recalled. "What we've learned over the years about ourselves; how we've grown, how nothing really matters when it boils down to what we were dealing with in that moment."

He added: "And so, it wasn't some big meeting about Blink-182, it was more about brothers meeting and saying, ​'How do we support Mark?'"

Sometimes, one thing leads to another...

"There is nobody with better dick jokes than us," DeLonge reminded, for good measure.

And who would they be to keep that from the world?

See some of the photos from Hoppus' feature in GQ's Man of the Year franchise via @blink182italia on Instagram below.
DeLonge recently brought his signature charm to the Exclaim! Questionnaire, meanwhile Barker tagged along for latest DTA Records signee Avril Lavigne's performance of "Bite Me" on The Tonight Show and was receptive to a lap dance from Kourtney Kardashian at a wedding.