Liam Gallagher Is "Actually Jealous" of Snowed-In Oasis Tribute Band

There's Noasis like Snowasis

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 1, 2021

From last Friday (November 26) through the weekend, dozens of patrons were snowed in at Britain's highest-altitude pub with an Oasis cover band — and Liam Gallagher himself has responded to the now-viral incident.

As many have rightfully pointed out, it might be preferable to be stuck inside with an Oasis tribute band than the actual Oasis, but it sounds like Gallagher would find the situation less unappealing.

"I'm actually jealous," the musician wrote on Twitter in response to a fan's request for a message he'd like to send to captive tribute act Noasis, "im [sic] always trying to get a lock inn [sic?]."

Maybe "inn" was simply a typo, but maybe it was also an intentional double-entendre... much to consider. Either way, good tweet.

Yorkshire Dales' remote Tan Hill Inn is located about 435 kilometres from London and sits about 528 above sea level. Sixty-one people were locked in(n) for three days when Storm Arwen hit, blocking roads and knocking out power lines.

Thankfully, weather conditions improved by later in the day on Monday (November 29) and the group of patrons, staff and professional "Wonderwall"-players were finally able to leave the pub.

Upon departing, Noasis thanked search and rescue team Kendal Mountain Rescue and "everyone for the camaraderie within the venue." The cover band added: "It's been emotional!"

No looking back in anger to be had here.

See the tweet from Gallagher below.
While his brother Noel has yet to respond, he did recently call Liam a hologram and said it was embarrassing for Oasis to be compared to the Beatles.

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