Pub Patrons Snowed In with Oasis Cover Band for Three Days

Stop the Clocks

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 29, 2021

In a unique hostage situation, dozens of patrons drinking at the Tan Hill Inn on Friday (November 26) found themselves half the world away — snowed in with an Oasis cover band — when a storm hit.

This morning, 61 people woke up after their third night spend sleeping at the Tan Hill Inn. The 17th century establishment is Britain's highest-altitude pub, located about 435 kilometres from London in the Yorkshire Dales. A November storm brought snow and heavy winds on Friday night, blocking roads to the inn and knocking out power lines.

Sitting 528 metres above sea level, being cut off by bad weather isn't an uncommon occurrence for the pub — but it isn't every day that an Oasis cover band are among the stranded.

Having performed on Friday night, Noasis have been stuck with the guests over the weekend. The 2006-formed "definitive tribute band to Manchester's super group Oasis" generously continued to provide entertainment to the patrons, alongside karaoke, movies and a quiz night organized by the inn's management.

Manager Nicola Townsend told WKRN that the detainees were actually "in really good spirits." (Or were they just drinking spirits?)

"They've formed quite a friendship; like a big family is the best way I can describe it," she said. "One lady actually said, 'I don't want to leave.'"

You might find this hard to believe if you've ever been cornered by a "Wonderwall" dude with an acoustic guitar at a house party, or read anything the Gallagher brothers have said about each other (or anything, really) in recent years. "Champagne Supernova" would probably make for a good sing-along moment, though.

Townsend added that they're hoping people will be able to leave later today after the roads have been cleared.

That's the story, morning glory.

Noel Gallagher was embarrassed that Oasis were compared to the Beatles, but would they be a better cover band to be held captive with? Gallagher also recently claimed that his brother Liam is a hologram, so not even snow could prevent him from continuing to not use Spotify — where the band have one of the oldest songs with a billion streams.

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