Leng Tch'e Marasmus

It’s amazing that Sven De Caluwe manages to find time to play drums with Belgium razor grinders Leng Tch’e, considering he’s also the vocalist for goregrinders Aborted. But manage he does and quality is not compromised on the third full-length from Leng Tch’e. It must be said that the guitar team of Geert Devenster and Jan Hallaert come up with some dynamite riffs. With their odd mixture of grindcore, stoner rock groove and hardcore pummel, they come across like Australian grindcore loonies Blood Duster, but without the humour (and with 45 extra seconds on each song). However, the problem with this album is that oppressively serious vibe and it’s oddly also what’s plaguing Aborted’s new one: the feeling of straight-faced tough-guy hardcore that’s best left behind in the ludicrous pits in old-school straightedge shows. That and a production sound that manages to sometimes satisfy with its bass-heavy thud and other times annoy with its clicking precision — again, see the latest Aborted. But Leng Tch’e have energy and heart, and great riffs galore, so minor annoyances aside, this is good stuff. And, by the way, Sven rocks behind the kit. (Relapse)