Leng Tch'e The Process of Elimination

Named after the ancient Chinese torture method of slowly cutting a drugged victim into a thousand pieces — the drugs wearing off just in time to feel excruciating pain before death — Leng Tch’e deliver the musical equivalent of their moniker’s brutal punishment. Dubbing their brand of rock "razorgrind,” they strangely combine Nasum’s unique high-speed blasts and the meatier, teched-out grooves of Cephalic Carnage into a Southern mentality and an old school hardcore sensibility that eludes being pined down. This penchant towards simpler rock occasionally tires, but for the most part it gives their songs an appealing and ferocious edge. These Belgian veterans cleverly maintain a sense of structure by manipulating the roots of the seeming madness and channelling them into something new the second time around. Though they have a couple of traditional verse-chorus-verse songs, they mostly stick to blazing complex turmoil without dwelling in the riffs of parts gone by. Considering this band have been around for almost 15 years without much fanfare it’s about time people started taking notice. (Relapse)