Kid Koala Sheds More Light on '12-Bit Blues'

Kid Koala Sheds More Light on '12-Bit Blues'
While chatting with CBC Radio 3 this morning (November 25) about his new book Space Cadet, Kid Koala (aka Eric San) revealed some more details about his next solo album, 12-Bit Blues.

"It's kind of a blues turntable record," San said. "I'm fascinated with blues music and how it actually spawned most of the music I like. Whether it's hip-hop or rock, it all kind of leads back to the blues.

"Being a DJ and a record collector, I started drawing all of these lines backwards from the music I was into as a teenager and was like, 'Wow, all of this stuff correlates to the blues' and I got really heavy into it. So much so that I decided to do an actual turntable blues record, whatever that means."

As recently reported, the Montreal hip-hop hero said he plans to complete 12-Bit Blues before Christmas and expects it to be out in the spring 2012 on Ninja Tune, which, combined with the long-awaited release of the Deltron 3030 record, means it's gonna be a prolific new year for Kid Koala.

Space Cadet is available now from Ninja Tune, and you can check out Exclaim!'s recent Timeline feature on Kid Koala here.