Kalle Mattson "Hurt People Hurt People" (video)

Kalle Mattson 'Hurt People Hurt People' (video)
Sault Ste. Marie's Kalle Mattson takes a naturalistic approach in his new "Hurt People Hurt People" video, presenting a cavalcade of forest growth to support the rockin' Someday, the Moon Will Be Gold cut.

Directed by Kevin Parry, the video first finds blades of grass popping through the soil, but as the landscape begins to bloom, we see a series of flowers and plantlife forcefully pushing their way into higher plains, even stretching up across tree trunks.

"Kevin has made another incredible video that not only looks amazing but is somehow hilarious while really only being plants," Mattson said of his visual collaborator's latest video. "It's Michael Bay meets nature!"

Scored by the somewhat Weakerthans-styled rock track, you'll find the action-packed, ecologically indebted music video down below.