Ease Your Anxiety with These Cute Photos of Canadian Musicians and Their Pets

Including Wolf Parade, Tegan and Sara, Kathleen Edwards, Drake, the Weeknd, Born Ruffians, Lights and many more

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 24, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had devastating effects on the music industry, but there is one group benefitting from all the tour cancellations: pets. With almost no shows taking place across the country, musicians are spending a whole lot more time at home with their cats and dogs.

To celebrate our favourite musicians and their furry friends, we put out the call for photos of Canadian musicians with their pets. Even though so many people are self-isolating at the moment, we can take comfort in the fact that these musicians have some seriously adorable animals to keep them company.

Scroll down to see artists like Wolf Parade, Tegan and Sara, Kathleen Edwards, Drake, the Weeknd, Born Ruffians, Sarah HarmerLights, Said the Whale, Hawksley Workman, iskwē and many more with their fluffiest family members.

Sara Quin (Tegan and Sara) – Holiday

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Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Moonface) – Oliver

Kathleen Edwards – Fred and Penny

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Born Ruffians – Charlie
Sarah Harmer – Barney (not pictured: Hazel)

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Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Operators) – Archie
Drake – Diamond and Winter

Lights – Stanley

Teenanger – Church
Jesse Locke (Tough Age, Chandra, Motorists) – Crumbs
Ben Worcester (Said the Whale) – Trout

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Jaycelyn Brown (Said the Whale) – Whiskey

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Ansley Simpson – Mooncake
Hawksley Workman – Donger

Jake Boyd (Hollerado, Girlfriend Material, Jakery B) – Pippa

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Nikkie Gallant – Molly
Too Soon Monsoon – Stevie

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Adrian Teacher (Apollo Ghosts) – Ola
iskwē – Kina and Timothy
The Weeknd – Julius and Caesar

Rich Hope – Charlie

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PONY/Pretty Matty – Freddie Prinze Jr. (a.k.a. Frep)

Kalle Mattson – Luna
Abdominal – Kajuq

Taylor Janzen – Lewis and Rory

Philip Stewart-Bowes (Southpacific) – Moe (a.k.a. Hoogie)
Rayannah – Prudence
Dustin Bromley (Brutal Poodle) – Fitz
The Motorleague – Gandalf and Padmé (cats), Penny Lane and Sgt. Pepper (dogs)
Emily Rockarts – Rory

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Joseph Garand (Girlfriend Material) – Bella
Yes We Mystic – Flynn
Gloria Guns (Scary Bear Soundtrack) – Koyangi and Otis
Alexandria Maillot — Tobias
David Vertesi (Hey Ocean!) - Harriet (a.k.a. Harry)

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Eli Rose - Ivy, Wilco and Laika

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