Junius Offshoot SOM Premiere "Ten Years"

Lose yourself in a mass of post-metal shoegazing from 'The Fall'
Junius Offshoot SOM Premiere 'Ten Years'
We called Junius "one of the most underrated acts in post-metal" in our review of last year's Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light, so it's exciting for us to be premiering a new song from offshoot SOM. The trio's debut release The Fall isn't due out until next month, but right now you can hear its "Ten Years"

The project is helmed by Will Benoit, who engineered, mixed and mastered the album in his solar-powered Radar Studio. As you'll hear, Benoit also brings along the airy vocals he delivers as frontman of Constants

"Ten Years" begins with a deep and dark post-metal dirge, with hauntingly hopeful synths rising and falling atop. His on-again, off-again bandmate Duncan Rich keeps the tempo appropriately slow, while bassist Justin Forrest keeps the song plodding along with his low-end and adds some post-rock cred (he has done time in Caspian).

Overall, it manages to push the poles of shoegaze farther apart with a deep heaviness contrasting its undeniable beauty. You can hear "Ten Years" in the player below.

The Fall arrives on November 9. You can pre-order the album now via Bandcamp.