Joshua Hyslop Balances Old and New on 'Evergold'

Photo: Emma Rossum

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 26, 2024

Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Joshua Hyslop has become one with nostalgia while still moving forward on his new record Evergold, arriving today via Nettwerk.

Evergold marks the first time Hyslop has embraced the electric guitar in his work, balancing instruments like mellotron with synths to meld with his creative vision. It's an album firmly anchored by sentimentality, as reflected in the word Hyslop invented as its title.

"[It] describes being nostalgic or homesick for something you feel like you've experienced but has not yet come into existence," he explained. "You kind of get a taste of it in your past, but you can't get there yet — even though it's under the surface. In Portuguese, it's called 'saudade.' In Welsh, it's known as 'hiraeth.' We didn't have a word for it in English, but I wanted to come up with one."

Evergold is Hyslop's sixth full-length effort and follows 2022's Westward. It was recorded with longtime collaborator John Graham at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver.

Mine for a new favourite gem by streaming Evergold below.

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