Jon Langford Gold Brick

From Brit leftie punk to a key player in the whole Americana roots scene, it’s been the fascinating three decades long musical journey for Jon Langford, best known for his ongoing roles in the Mekons and Waco Brothers. Gold Brick is the newest addition to a lengthy discography, and a fine one it be. His distinctively rough but honest voice is in good shape, and is the perfect foil for his gritty and affecting songs. Langford has always dished up social and political commentary, and this disc is no exception. There are the "hundred investors in hairy suits” who "paw at a city served up in chains” on "Gorilla & the Maiden,” while "Lost In America” critiques his adopted land. The one non-original song here is a cover of Procol Harum’s progressive rock classic "Salty Dog,” which works surprisingly well. His five-piece backing band add real depth to his well-structured songs, making this a disc that Langford’s loyal legion of fans are sure to treasure. (ROIR)