Into the Moat The Campaign

As the follow-up to Into The Moat's 2005 debut, The Design, this latest release from the Florida progressive death metal band takes them to new and much more aggressive heights. This is due to the brutal screaming by Earl Ruwell, as well as ferocious blast beats and rapid time changes, which all mesh well with the album's overall concept of war. The Campaign starts with clean guitars in "The Last Century" but quickly changes to a fast and heavy mathcore sound that remains throughout the rest of the album. "From 1,000 Meters…" is a technical track with unorthodox guitar parts that sounds very much within the vein of the Dillinger Escape Plan. "Grunt" is instrumentally the heaviest and fastest track on the release but has down-tempo sections and a few breakdowns as well. Into The Moat also include a few jazzy interludes in The Campaign that provide a nice contrast to the album's general chaotic sound of technical death metal. (Commonwealth)